[HIG] Re: Instant apply (and an HIG change)

On Wed, 2002-01-23 at 18:39, Seth Nickell wrote:
> It would be great if you can detail the inherent problems you see with
> instant-apply so we can consider them.

Ok, here are the problems I see off the top of my head:

1) Instant apply works very poorly when the apply operation is
especially expensive, such as with metatheme.
2) Certain controls on the mouse capplet don't work too well with
instant apply, such as the left-handed check box and the acceleration
feature (e.g. consider what happens if a user accidentally drags the
acceleration bar all the way to the right).
3) Instant apply can be disasterous with system tools, such as the
Ximian Setup Tools.
4) To be effective, it should be applied consistently to all capplets.
If some capplets are of the instant apply variety and others are not, I
forsee much confusion on the part of the user.

This comes from my experience having tried to implement it a bit over a
year ago. I know there are more problems, but they do not surface in my
mind right now.

> OK. I'm not thrilled about doing extra work that could be spent elswhere
> on the GNOME2 beta for something I see as being of dubious value, but
> I'll convert the background properties page tonight if I have time.

I hope that my work on property editors has mitigated that somewhat.

> -Seth
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