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On 22 Jan 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> You are defining "best" in a vacuum that doesn't include "users have
> already learned Windows, and go back and forth between free systems
> and Windows throughout their day."
> I'm defining "best" as "what causes users to actually switch over to
> our software and subjectively report that they enjoy using it."
> Because that's the definition of "best" that will result in more users
> using free GUI software.

In my view this is the same kind of argument that C(++) programmers made
against Java in its early days, who wanted Java to have this-or-that
unsafe feature just because programmers are comfortable with it.
Sun made no compromises to code safety and it is paying off. The GUP
should make no compromises to UI clarity either.

> But anyway, I didn't say try to be a Windows emulator, I said make
> Windows users feel comfortable when we can, and make improvements when
> we really have substantive improvements.

The world is not composed of windows users vs. GNOME users. Different
users have different needs and expectations, and new users have no
expectations at all about a PC's user interface. A large part of the
windows users never use more of their desktop's functionality than the
icons that happen to be on it; there can be no UI that makes them feel
comfortable because they are uncomfortable with computers in general!!

BTW (this isn't to you Havoc but in general) I can't believe how many
people come and dispute a decision when the discussion about it has
already taken place, coming up with the exact same ideas we've seen before
("Why no Close/Done button?") --> because those buttons only make sense in
a NON instant apply window! Furthermore there is plenty of examples of
other UI's that take this approach, as Gregory has shown.

I joined the GNOME Usability Project because I think I know something
about UI design and I care about GNOME becoming the best desktop
environment possible. It is sad to see good ideas the GUP comes up with
torpedoed by people whose coding skills are far beyond mine, but don't
seem to have much background in UI Design.



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