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Actualy, i have the same problem with the window manager's close button... from doing some tests with g/f and mom, they only use that button if a application is out-of-controll or non understandable... To long have people been warning them that using that button can "Loose all changes, are you sure?!", that mentality is embeded quite deeply into quite a few people.

Now i dont mean to drag up a whole new 2 month long flamewar, but what was so wrong with having a simple "Close" button on the dialog? ;-)

Matthew J. Doller wrote:

in windows, escape is bound to "Cancel" on dialogs, if i remember
correctly.  obviously, since we are discussing instant apply windows,
there is no "Cancel" or "OK", but the "Cancel" mentality would be
there.  i have never pressed escape with the expectation that my changes
in anything would be applied or saved.  Escape is a kind of "Whoops"

is there any kind of usability lost by adding a "Done" button in the


On Sun, 2002-01-20 at 22:38, Chris Chabot wrote:

Ps, wouldnt a solution for this impase be to bind the ESC key to 'close' in dialogs? (it works this way in all windows versions and a few other gui's).

This way a visualy impaired / blind computer user doesnt have to go searching for a small button which can be hard to find and hit, but can simply use a keyboard key to close the window...

This way both parties would get what they are after right? (usable for visualy impaired, and no close buttons on dialogs)

   -- Chris

Chris Chabot wrote:

Just so im not completely lost, 'the reason stated', does that reference to:

"Hi,being a blind computer user myself I know that having a close gtk+ button is extremely useful. You have to remember the blind like to be able to arrow or tab to a control rather than emulating a mouse and moving to a close icon near the top of the window. So the programmers should really strongly think about putting a close button at the bottum of a dialog box."

iain wrote:

DECISION: Instant apply windows should not have a dismissal button. They
may optionally have a Help button in the lower left corner of the

Decide all you want...
I ain't following it
For the reason I stated was the definitive reason during the discussion.


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