[HIG] REVIEW: Windows

Still a lot of FIXMEs in this section, so not too much to add...


- "Every windows will have a title": windows->window


- "Most windows will have frames".  Suggest specifying where these come
from, e.g. "Most windows will have a frame provided and drawn by the
window manager".

- "Frame commands for each window type are shown..": 'frame command'
isn't a term I've come across before; have I just missed it or have you
made it up?  Maybe want to make it a bit clearer what they are/how user
typically accesses them.


- "A mode is a limitation of..": suggest shortening to "A mode

- "...modes should be avoided.  When used...": statements like this are
always confusing :o)  When *is* it acceptable to use modes?

- "a mode should provide a clear means of escape": it should also
provide a clear indication that you're in a mode in the first place,
e.g. a cursor change.

- "A system mode should not be used by applications".  Should add a
brief description of what a system mode actually is, as you have done
with "object mode".

- "If one of your applications windows may have special focus
requirements": may have->has

- "consult the ICCCM...":  perhaps change to something like "consult the
documents listed below" and add links at the end of the section to the
threee documents you talk about here... which would be consistent with
my other suggestions for references up to now :)

General Communication with the Window Manager

- "The toolkit API should provide...": which toolkit, GTK?  If so, say
so.  Also, suggest "provides" rather than "should provide", doesn't
sound too helpful otherwise...

- "The Feedback section provides more information about when to use the
available forms of window manager communication":  It does?  :)  Also,
in references like this, should we talk about "sections" or "chapters"? 
Need to be consistent.

Primary Windows

- In this and subsequent sections, where you have Title Format and Frame
Commands, suggest you also have a textual Example after the Title
Format, and a screenshot of a typical window of that type after the
Frame Commands.

Controlled Single Document Interface

- Need a definition of what this means

Multiple Document Interface

- "A paned or tabbed presentation of two documents within a single
window": suggest "two or more", although you could have two views on the
same document and it could still be MDI.  Also, the documents may be
shown in separate windows, a la Mozilla or OpenOffice, where certain
commands still affect all open windows-- is this MDI, or something
else?  When should this model be used in preference to "single window"

- "Often it is best to leave such presentation details to the window
manager": Why? When is it better not to do so?

Property Windows

- Given that the recommended title for these is "Object Name -
Settings", shouldn't we be calling them "Settings Windows"?


- This section seems to be written almost entirely in the future tense--
is this because Gtk currently can't handle it?  If so, still better to
write in present tense and somehow indicate which recommendations aren't
currently implementable; it just sounds jarring the way it is now.

- "... they should be avoided. Alerts may be used to...": another one of
those "don't use them, but you can use them to do this" sentences.
Suggest saying a little more about how to avoid them (i.e. by writing
your app so that they are not necessary), and making it clearer when
it's acceptable to use them, e.g. "Alerts should normally only be used
to..." rather than "Alerts may be used to..."

- Since the Language chapter doesn't appear to be forthcoming anytime
soon, should we add a section in this chapter about how to write good
alert messages?

Information Alerts

- In this and the other alert-type sections, need a screenshot of a
typical alert of that type.  This would fit nicely between the opening
paragraph and the bulleted recommendations in each section.


- As with the Windows section, suggest a textual example of title format
and screenshot of typical dialog in each sub-section here.


- "escape path?" : All Windoze wizards (for example) have Back, Next and
Cancel buttons-- if you're suggesting we can't provide Cancel, we've
shot ourselves in the foot before we've even begun.

- I suggested a list of guidelines for assistants in my last review of
the HIG, so I'll assume you were planning to include them and there's no
need to repeat them here :o)

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