[HIG] Re: Justification for the button order change - the long version

On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 05:49:16PM -0800, Seth Nickell wrote:
> ==Context and confusion==
> Given adequate cues, humans make contextual changes very quickly and
> naturally. 

Thank you!  This piece of information really cleared things up for me
quite a bit.  Now that I think of it, I think I've practiced this
behaviour personally, never even realizing it :)

So, as long as the dialogs as a whole are different enough from
Windows/KDE/GNOME1 dialogs, so that you can make the (subconscious)
distinction at a glance, there really is no problem.  Basically because
the whole dialog already is (noticeably) different, the different button
ordering simply blends in, I assume.

The user tests you described in the other mail, although not focused on
the matter, were enlightening, thank you.

The following is not an argument, I'm convinced that there will be no
significant confusion about the new button ordering, just thought to
share this.

I had a short discussion today with Irmeli Sinkkonen from HUT Usability
Groupš about this particular matter.  Her response to the question was
that the order in which Windows lays out the buttons is better, because
of left-to-right reading etc., basically the same reasons that have been
presented here already.  She also told me that it has been studied and
the way Windows lays out the buttons turned out to be better.  

But.. now, here comes the trick, the users had been more used to Windows
than Mac.  Come to think of it, what are the chances that a fairly
arranged test would actually have more Mac users than Windows users?
But that's a topic for another discussion.  Had the test been made with
people with no previous experience with computers, it could've ended up
favoring the Mac.. or not.  

In related news.  I quickly tried a few GNOME2 programs today and the
first two games I run already had inconsistent exit dialogs˛.  Funny
coincidence? :)

btw. I really could've read the older threads too... :)

1. http://usability.hut.fi/group/index.html.en
2. http://tko.wox.org/screenshots/gnome2-buttons.png

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