[HIG] psmaker.sh broken on RH7.3?

I don't know if this is a system-specific problem or a general problem,
but psmaker.sh is broken for me. It errors with a whole bunch of errors

jade:/home/louie/work/gnome_cvs/web-devel-2/content/projects/gup/hig/hig_print.xml:67:0:E: cannot find "hig-ch-credits_print.xml"; tried "/home/louie/work/gnome_cvs/web-devel-2/content/projects/gup/hig/hig-ch-credits_print.xml", "/usr/share/sgml/hig-ch-credits_print.xml"

Note that there is no 


but there is


Don't know if that means anything. FWIW, build-hig.sh works fine.

Any hints in the next two or so hours so I can print a copy before I
head out of the office would be great...


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