Re: [HIG] Where is the hig in the CVS?

Quoting Tapia <tapia eitig com>:

> El mié, 21-08-2002 a las 15:45, Calum Benson escribió:
> > 
> > It actually lives in web-devel-2/content/projects/gup/hig.  I think
> Seth
> > set it up so you can just do "cvs co hig", though.
> Ok, I've downloaded it, but when I try to compile it (with
>, I get this output:
> $ ./ 
> Writing ln-id2789404.html for legalnotice
> Writing intro.html for preface(intro)
> Writing usabilityprinciples.html for chapter(usabilityprinciples)
> Error Undefined namespace prefix
> xmlXPathCompiledEval: evaluation failed
> ./ line 7:  2685 Violación de segmento   xsltproc
> ../hig-stylesheet.xsl ../hig-book.xml
> What am I doing wrong?

hmmmm..... It sounds like your copy of xsltproc or libxml/libxslt is
broken. It obviously shouldn't be possible to crash the XSLT processor
*grin* But unfortunately I don't have the expertise to help you with it.
You should see if there's an upgrade available for your distribution. If
that doesn't work, try visiting to
find a mailing list where people would be able to help you with this 


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