[HIG] What it means to be a GNOME application?


I have been thinking of adding some stuff to Chapter 3.

I think there are some assumptions that people have about
what makes an application part of GNOME, basically can
be summed up as 'respecting desktop wide application

Now these services include things like:

common application property storage service (gconf)
using common properties like web proxy
menu intergration
mime types

What else am I missing?

I am trying to be implementation agnostic. Hypotheseis: an
application does not have to be written in GTK to be integrated
with the GNOME desktop, although it would be a helluva lot easier
if the app was written in GTK. Someone could write, say, a Java
app and as long as they also wrote the appropriate bindings/proxies/
bridges to the gnome desktop services then they could call
themselves 'integrated with the gnome desktop'.

Does this seem reasonable?


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