[HIG] Non-resizable windows with viewports


i just stumbled across a window which contained a viewport that only showed a
tiny part of the contained listing but which was not resizeable.  Beeing able
to enlarge the window would have helped (that my window manager lets me walk to
the window frame in order to tell me that he is not going to resize this window
made it worse, actually).

So i just wanted to suggest a section about window resizeability in the HIG to
make people aware af this. Another thing that comes to mind is the target
desktop size; should windows with many widgets fit on 600 or 768 pixel height
with reasonable font size (and else be split onto different tabs, for example).
Most window manager let you move the window with modifier keys if the title bar
is moved off the desktop/workspace, but this is often cumbersome.

I really enjoyed reading the HIG, it made me aware of how many little things
must be agreed upon to create a consistent desktop. Thank you for your effort
to create it.


Ingo Koehne <ingok gmx net>

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