Re: [guppi-list] color of graph

On Sat, 2001-10-20 at 21:28, Jacek Popławski wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 20, 2001 at 08:54:33PM -0400, Jon Trowbridge wrote:
> > We don't support changing any of the default values yet.  Adding this is
> > high on my list of things to do when I have time to work on Guppi again.
> Is it possible to change (in code) default color in CVS version? Blue is not
> best choice in line and scatter plot (it's hard to look at graph...). I think
> it should be yellow or white.

No, this code isn't in CVS yet.  Unfortunately I'm very busy right
now[1] and don't have time to work on Guppi.  As soon as I do get some
time, we will start working on this problem.


[1] I work on Evolution for Ximian, and we are in the big final push to
    finish Evolution 1.0...

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