Re: [guppi-list] Guppi Web Interface

Thus spake Jon Trowbridge (trow gnu org) : 

> (*) ...and it stays broken because I don't know the first thing about
> Python.  If there are any python gurus out there who want to give
> Guppi's Python bindings some TLC, drop me a line.

Ack, I'm sorry! If someone else volunteers to work on the Python part, they are
welcome to it, but until then I still have my slow trickle (unless you'd rather
I didn't). I have my local version mostly working (all it really took was
retranslating the new Guile scripts). I can't get the scatter demo to work
correctly, but that's probably just a problem with my translation that I can't


Andrew Chatham
Duke University '02
andrew.chatham at

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