An Extremely Brief Guppi Update & Snapshot Announcement

Since I last gave an update:

* Michael Meeks has been hacking on Guppi's Bonobo/Oaf stuff.

* Jody Goldberg has jumped into the fray and is working on
  Guppi/Gnumeric integration.

* Andrew Chatham checked in some bug fixes related to python

* I've bludgeoned bar charts into submissions.  There are still no
  proper config dialogs for them, but there is a canned demo that can
  be accessed from Guppi's "Plot" menu.

* I've got dynamic layout changes working again.  In practical terms,
  this means that your axis labels won't get truncated if you zoom
  in/out a lot in a scatter plot.

* About a zillion memory leaks have been plugged.

* Lots of internal stuff got nicer.

I've made a new CVS snapshot to try to make up for the fact that
I never make releases anymore. :-/

(Conrad: That Alpha FP exception bug is probably still in there.


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