tarball snapshot


I put a snapshot of the 'devel' branch of Guppi up on ftp.gnome.org under
/pub/guppi - it's the only file in there, guppi-0.5.0.tar.gz. This is the
exciting edition of Guppi featured in yesterday's screenshot.

This snapshot passes 'make distcheck' and I'm pretty sure it will compile
without any problems, once you have the proper libraries. It fixes the
segfault bug reported recently, and I am fairly sure it properly detects
bonobo or the lack thereof. (If not, cd to the 'src' dir and use 'make
guppi' to build guppi itself and skip the component.)

If you try it out and it doesn't work, please let me know.

I'm also working on getting Goose to pass 'make distcheck', but automake
refuses to include dependency info in the distribution so it's kind of a
failure. So for now you will need Goose from CVS.

It turns out that there is already a gnome-print distribution:

ftp.gnome.org /pub/GNOME/sources/gnome-print-0.1.1.tar.gz

Be sure to get .1.1 rather than one of the old ones.

Oh, this snapshot will spew a bunch of Guile errors on startup; just
ignore those. Also, as always you can pass --enable-debug=no to configure
to turn off debugging spew and speed things up a good bit.

I'll be making a larger release soon with all the tools re-enabled and an
accompanying Goose release, I hope.


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