Win32 compatibility and egsc problems

I commited some changes to re-gain the Win32 compatibility.
In order to keep the port alive, please observe these things
when you write new code:

#include <config.h>

as the first thing in all *.cpp files.


#include <iostream>

instead of #include <iostream.h>.  Using egcs, the two variants
at the same time goes well, but on other platforms, it breaks.
(As could be expected.)

Also, use "using namespace std;" if you use any C++ standard
library things.

If you obey these simple rules, the Win32 port will stay alive
by itself.


Also, I restructured the AsciiImport facility as discussed here.
Now, test_ascii_import compiles with optimizations again.

For my part, we are ready for goose 0.0.6.



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