Re: gupnp-dlna development

On Wed, 2011-04-20 at 20:47 +0800, Lin Xiyan wrote:
> Hi, all

  Hi Lin,

> I'm Lin Xiyan from Peking University in China.
> We have a project in college to do an open source implementation of
> DLNA standards.
> Apparently, I am not going to develop from scratch.
> So I'd like to work with you guys on gupnp-dlna project.

  Thats a wise decision, you'll be surprised to know how many people out
there thinks that DLNA is 'easy' and ultimately fail in creating an
implementation from scratch.

> I'm going to ramp up by reading DLNA/UPnP spec and gupnp code.
> Do you have any other suggestion or is there a TODO list for newbies?

  You got the first step right. Once you are familiar with all involved
concepts and have basic understanding of what each spec is about, I
recommend you familiarize yourself with GUPnP APIs (especially about
which component/library is doing what). Once you have done that, I
suggest adding and/or correct existing profiles in gupnp-dlna as the
first task.

  BTW, I'm hoping you either already have access to DLNA docs or you
know that it costs at least 500$ to get access?

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