[gupnp] DLNA CTT M-DMS results summary

Hi everyone,
   Some people in the past have asked me to share the results of DLNA
CTT runs against Rygel so here is the summary of the results from this
morning (against latest rygel git master using Tracker backend):

Failures:	53
Baseline:	49
Recommended:	1
Optional:	3

Passes:	147
Baseline:	128
Recommended:	15
Optional:	4

Warnings:	15
Baseline:	2
Recommended:	12
Optional:	1

NA:	48
Baseline:	42
Recommended:	2
Optional:	4
Total:	263

  Out of the failing tests, I've figured that at least two are failing
because of bugs in CTT that I've already filed:,

   As I've explained before its legally not possible to share the DLNA
matterial and at the same time its not (technically) easily possible
to extract the references of the failing tests from the results for me
so that is why I'm not providing more details even though I really
want to. :(


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
FSF member#5124
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