[gupnp] GUPnP DLNA 0.2.1

Hello folks,
After a couple of false starts, I'm happy to announce the first release

A quick summary of what's done:

- A GUPnPDiscoverer class that allows clients to supply a URI and
extract DLNA media profile name, mime type and other metadata. The class
is derived from the GstDiscoverer class and supports synchronous and
asynchronous discovery.

- A gupnp-dlna-info tool that uses this API and can be used run on one
or more media to extract DLNA-related and other metadata.

- DLNA media profile constraints are expressed in an XML format.

- Support for some common DLNA profiles.

All Contributors:

Arun Raghavan <arun raghavan collabora co uk>
Parthasarathi Susarla <partha susarla collabora co uk>
Zeeshan Ali <zeeshanak gnome org>

Download source tarball from: http://gupnp.org/sources/gupnp-dlna/
Git repository is at: http://gitorious.org/gupnp/gupnp-dlna


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