[gupnp] Light server example program not working on ARM platform


I am debugging the light-server example program on an ARM processor. The program exits with the following messages:

The light is now off.

** (process:406): WARNING **: Unable to download description document from http://10.

** (process:406): CRITICAL **: gupnp_root_device_set_available: assertion `GUPNP_IS_R
OOT_DEVICE (root_device)' failed

** (process:406): CRITICAL **: gupnp_device_info_get_service: assertion `GUPNP_IS_DEV
ICE_INFO (info)' failed
Cannot get SwitchPower1 service

Child exited with retcode = 1

Child exited with status 1

It looks like the xml files cannot be found by the program. Do the XML files need to be in a particular directory for the app to work?

Thank you,


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