[gugmasters] GNOME demo storyboards

Hi all,

In the context of organising a stand in a conference next year, I have
launched the idea of having a number of prepared storyboards for demos
that we could reuse to show certain aspects of GNOME in a good light.

This is just the start of an idea for the moment - we actually need to
nail down what features we show, in what order, and what prerequisites
are needed to do the work - we could even collaborate on having a gig or
so of demo material in the form of stock photos, music & video files for
multimedia demos, etc.

Here's my initial idea for demo themes and the kinds of things we could
usefully demo - the great absentee here is GNOME Mobile - but actually
doing a demo of the mobile stuff isn't as easy as it might be (although
showing off GPE2, Dates, Tinymail, Maemo, OpenMoko, etc would be

Theme: Universal Access

* Translations - the desktop available in many languages & scripts
* RTL languages - Someone could show off Arabic and Hebrew support side
by side? Need to make sure all the needed fonts are installed - could
also show off Chinese & Japanese
* Accessibility - Configure LSR or Orca to do screen reading & have a
blind person demo the desktop (web page, edit a document, say). Use
Accerciser to show how to tell if an application is accessible or not
* Input methods - Dasher, GOK, ...?
* High contrast themes

Theme: Personal desktop

* Office work
 - use Gnumeric, Abiword as Excel/Word "Lite"
 - Show Powerpoint, Excel & Word import/export from OO.o
* Note taking with Tomboy - note synchronisation? linking notes, link
creation for email addresses, URLs, filenames, using plug-ins...
* Managing photos with F-Spot - sending photos by email, exporting
copies, ordering prints, editing photos in 3rd party apps (photo
versioning), import from a camera, upload to Flickr
* Cheese - take photos and apply effects with a webcam
* Multimedia
 - Rhythmbox as a jukebox application: Last.fm integration, browse by
artist, genre, album, display album artwork & song lyrics, podcast &
iPod support, Jamendo/Magnatune support, rip & burn audio CDs
 - Totem for video needs - playing film, subtitles, language support,
play a DVD

Theme: Developer

* Create GUIs with Glade
* Use libglabe to do RAD with scripting languages (talk about bindings)
* Demo Vala
* Show off DevHelp & library.gnome.org
* Also browse developer.gnome.org
* Show how Accerciser is used as a developer tool
* Maybe show how to compile a GNOME application in Eclipse?

Theme: Sysadmin

* Lock-down with Pessulus
* Profile management with Sabayon
* Menu editing with Alacarte
* Talk about GNOME on thin clients - LTSP, Sunrays
* Talk about GNOME in distros with big roll-outs: SLED, RHEL, Ubuntu
* Virtualisation - GNOME integration of VMWare Player

It's a start - feedback & ideas welcome. If people think it's
worthwhile, we can get the basic storyboards started in the Wiki, and
start filling out some demos - functionality to show, prerequisites, and
then plan the running of the demo.


Dave Neary
dneary free fr

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