[guadec-list] CALL FOR DUTY

Hi all,

As Quim suggested (more or less) we are going to set some IRC meetings
to do the graphic jobs.  Everyone interested in graphic/design work is
welcomed, especially I'm looking for responses from John (tavon),
Andreas and Ludovic (ldng).

I think Sunday night is good.  But let's decide about this.

Agenda of the first session:
- Finishing the logo:
--- Colors of this year
--- Finding a good free Font
--- Making some logo with texts for brochure, official use, etc
- Ideas about the posters
- Contents of the flyers
[Add yours here]

    '     Behnam Esfahbod
  *  ..   http://behnam.esfahbod.info
 *  `  *
  * o *   http://zwnj.org

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