Re: [guadec-list] Sponsors, media partners and co-organizers

tavon, this is a page you could help pimping up, like many others.

En/na Quim Gil ha escrit:
> Sponsors, media partners and co-organizers
> Page to grow.  :)  Suggestions to fill it are welcome.
> I'll add tomorrow the co-organizers: Catalan government (STSI),
> CampusMed and GNOME Hispano.

Done. GNOME Hispano will be listed when we confirm the collaboration,
just for the protocol.

Any organisation listed in this page provide the logo and the summary
text. They also may have an own page, edited by themselves with
possibility of including images and attached files. This page will be
linked from this listing and from their logo in the homepage.

The logos of the organizers will be at least in the footer of the
homepage (and of any page?), not mixed with sponsors and media partners.

Quim Gil -

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