Re: [guadec-list] Upgrading to 4.7

We found some trouble updating and we decided to go back to 4.6.

The main reason for upgrading was the possibility of handling tavon's
4.7 web theme, but just right now tavon and I we have been chatting in
#guadec and he says he can backport his theme to 4.6 while Drupal 4.7
gets stable (now it's a beta 4).

So, we keep the 4.6, will apply the new web theme on it (hopefully with
the new logo, next week) and will implement all the core functionality
on this versions (included the registration).

Devin, thanks for your offer of having a loo to the upgrade locally, but
as you see we will leave this for later. You can have party tonight.  ;)

The log:

qgil: hi tavon
qgil: we have tried today to upgrade to 4.7 but we found some problems
tavon: hi qgil
qgil: so we went back to 4.6
tavon: yeah... 4.7 is pretty unstable
qgil: Devin is going to emulate the upgrade locally to see what is going on
tavon: lots of bugs... i'm running beta4 for drupal korea and it's
keeping us busy
qgil: ah, good to know
qgil: meybe we should wait then
tavon: the changes in the theme to make it 4.6 compatible is very minimal
qgil: then...
tavon: I haven't used any 4.7 "features"
qgil: then if you don't mind we can apply your theme sooner
qgil: it would be good to have it next week, after the logo is finally
qgil: it's not a requirement, just a suggestion :)
tavon: then i'll start working on it next week
tavon: monday?
qgil: just when you can
tavon: how should I coordinate with you?
tavon: i have a local install to test and make improvements
javi ha sortit de la sala (quit: Ping timeout: 600 seconds).
qgil: I think it could be as easy as having your theme installed optionally
tavon: It's being kept track in my local SVN repository
tavon: okay
qgil: so users jkeep seeing the current while we can test the new one
qgil: when it's tested and functional, we switch
tavon: how often should I send you an updated version?
tavon: is email the primary option?
qgil: email, here...
tavon: I can setup a SVN repository where you can download it directly
to the server
qgil: as you wish
tavon: I think I'll do that
qgil: I don't want to give you more work than you want to handle  :)
tavon: I appreciate that
tavon: there's still lots to do to make "nice"
tavon: such as custom blocks and custom pages
qgil: i know, i know....  :)
qgil: this is why I thouhgt moving to 4.7 could be a good idea, to strt
implementing the new stuff in the "final" version
qgil: but if it's still so unstable...
tavon: yeah... there are several show stoppers such as comments not
working properly and such
tavon: it's hit and miss right now
tavon: I would recommend waiting another couple months before rolling it
out to production
qgil: well, reading the drupal forum it just seems kind of work already  :)
tavon: well, almost everything does work indeed
tavon: just various bugs here and there
tavon: I don't mind 4.7
tavon: as I think it gives us the opportunity to help out drupal by
submitting bug reports/issues at the least
qgil: I would like to go through this way - if I'm not the only admin  :)
qgil: there is another thing
tavon: I'm only the "Design Guy"
tavon: yeah
qgil: as Drupal is being tested as possible platform for
tavon: right
qgil: I don't know if it's good to have more functionality if it's unstable
qgil: it gives a (reasonable) image of unstability to gnomites at
gnome-web-list following guadec's advances
tavon: it still going to be a while, at least after GUADEC before is updated isn't it?  4.7 is going to be stable by June I'd
qgil: maybe it's better to go slowly and taking care of the details
tavon: right
tavon: ahhh
qgil: and most of the current concerns are related to issues that at the
very end are handled by the theme
qgil: the revamp is going to take a while, yes
tavon: I'm not sure is going to benefit much from 4.7
improvements such as freetagging and other stuff.... mostly they're
backend improvements
qgil: flexiblock can be cool, though
tavon: by sticking with 4.6, you're not going to lose much
functionality... and flexinode is in 4.6 isn't it?
tavon: flexiblock
tavon: i mena
tavon: mean*
qgil: I also was thinkign about impressing users with some google map
stuff  ;)
qgil: but Vilanova is not precisely mapped
tavon: right
tavon: i haven't checked out the google map stuff
qgil: anyway
qgil: it's better to have a solid site
tavon: i agree
tavon: the upgrade to 4.7 is not going to be hard i believe
tavon: and the added features can be added as we go
qgil: yes
qgil: good, then
qgil: let's keep working for 4.6
tavon: okay
tavon: I have to go to work now
qgil: ok, tanks for the conversation :)
tavon: np :)
tavon: later

En/na Quim Gil ha escrit:
> Devin and me are upgrading drupal to 4.7 right now

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