Re: Price for youth hostel


On Wed, 27 Apr 2005 17:41:42 +0200, Bram Senders wrote:

> guadec2005 spacelabs nl a écrit :
> > I see on the wiki that the "Special GUADEC price" for four nights in the
> > youth hostel is EUR 80.  However, from the youth hostel site[1], it seems
> > that four nights there cost at the most EUR 17.90 (first night) + 3 *
> > 14.70 (other nights) + 4 * 3.10 (no youth hostel organisation member) =
> > EUR 74.40, which is obviously less than GUADEC's EUR 80.  So, where does
> > this special price actually come from?

Transaction and administration costs are included in the package price. 
GUADEC takes place near a bank holiday in Germany, so the hostel was
booked to insure available housing for people traveling to Stuttgart. 

FYI, a number of beds at the hostel are being provided gratis by GNOME
Foundation to speakers and attendees in need of subsidy.  If you need a
subsidy, you may do so at My GUADEC 2005 Account under "View or Change
My GUADEC Participation" on the registration site.



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