[Fwd: RE: Request for additional space at Pagés del Corro 107 and payment questions]

Hello, all you out there,

this seems to be the final word from Concha on the subject.
I will send an e-mail to the directly affected people in separate.
Actually two: one about payment, the other one about lodging.

just quick,

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Hi Daniel : We have not extra beds on these apartaments so it is going to be
dificult to solve that .
About the payment . The rules are that you have to pay  once we get the keys
and the only way to do it as you want is leaving a visa or master card as a
deposit .
About the extra space .: The only thing that I can offer you is a
sailingship ( I offered this one to your mate but I had to cancel it  ) it
has three cabins wiht three double beds , bathroom , it has heating and you
will be able to use all the facilities of the club , The owner ask for this
sailingship the amount of 3.000  euros for the whole week . It is new and it
has 14 meters . I can not offer you anything else . Best regards : Concha
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From: Daniel Pisano <docpi bigfoot com>
To: Apartamentos CentroSevilla <info centrosevilla com>
Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 11:49 PM
Subject: Request for additional space at Pagés del Corro 107 and payment

My dear Concha,

I have a few more questions (and I guess that ehy will not be the last
ones) regarding the house at Pagés del Corro 107.

1) Extra Space, Part One
It appears that we do indeed have need for the extra bed in the 4-person
apartment, totalling to 10 persons the attendance.
However, the house will not be full during the whole week, since some of
the guests arrive only on April 2nd or even 3rd and some leave already
on April 7th.

2) Payment
Because of the later arrivals, I am trying to collect the money in
advance from all participants since I understand that you want to
receive the full amount for the apartment right up front at the delivery
of the key upon my arrival on April 1st.
Should there be the possibility to pay as the guests arrive at the house
( I would bring the money to your office) until the full amount has been
paid for, I would like to opt for that solution. This would make us save
the transfer costs for the money onto my personal bank account in
advance. Since every transfer costs about 7 EUR, we would collectively
save 70 EUR that only the banks would get with us not getting any
significant benefits from it.
Our group will come from all places of the world: The USA, Australia,
the UK, Germany, Norway, France and the Netherlands and we will only
meet then, in Seville. This is why collecting the money in advance seems
so tedious.

3) Extra Space, Part Two
Do you have any news on the avilability of at least one extra apartment
in the same house for the week?
We still have 5-10 people looking for accomodation. Space for, say, 4-5
would already be a big help.
We promise to behave and take care of the place. Can we have the extra
space? Please?

thanks, Concha, talk to you later.

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