Re: Paper review process

	Sorry for the delay, just arrived from FOSDEM in Brussels.

	You don't need to worry about the time we expect you to spend on the
reviewing process. We plan that every member should read 5 papers. We
assume, reading a paper takes 25 minutes and filling out the
questionnaire (with opinion of it and improvement suggestions)  for it
another five minutes.

	that means we plan the work for every reviewer to be 2h30 minutes.

	There has been given a grace period for papers until Wednesday, so
papers will be distributed among the commitee on Thursday. The deadline
for the review process will also be shifted properly, so that there will
be enough time (two weeks or more) to do this work.

		cheers, Gregorio

Am Fre, 2002-02-15 um 14.58 schrieb ERDI Gergo:
> Hi,
> What happened to the paper review process? I'm worried I'll end up
> recieving $BIGNUM papers with a short schedule to review them.
> If not all papers are submitted yet, maybe you could consider distributing
> the ones already submitted to the review board?
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