GUAD3C gallery online!

Hey there, gang!

Well, I finally got around to putting my GUAD3C pics online!

Do not link to them until the end of Monday, because they are going to
be shuffled around within albums and I am going to restructure the
albums themselves to make more sense to the visitor.
Basically, all the pictures you see are all the pictures I made. They
have not been gamma-adjusted as this remains to be done when I have more
time. Apologies.
Also, I do not know for how long the pics will be hosted at its current
domain. But in case of a change, there will be a link taking you to the
new site.

Anyhoo, here is the URL:

Please make extensive use of the commenting function!
This has two reasons:
1) Make comments containing names and places and events as far as you
can recognize them, so that I can put that information in the caption
for the image. mark those comments as [info] and I will delete them
after having transfered the info from the comments into the caption.
2) Any other kind of comment (real comments, nasty remarks, etc.) will
not be harmed, so comment away. Gman's already been making use of that

I still have a lot to do in those albums as I did not have enough time
to add all the captions that I wanted to, so be patient and expect the
site to change appearance over the next week or so until it is
presentable. Until then, consider it a pre-release. ;)

Thank you for your cooperation,
Daniel Pisano

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