Guadec on spanish newspaper

Hi all!

  My name is Daniel Baeyens, and I was last week at Guadec. I haven't
been suscribed to the mailing list, but now I wanted to tell everybody
that a spanish newspaper (El Pais) has published an "almost-full-page"
article on the Ciberpais section. There is half a column with some words
about Daniel Pisano's talk about geeks.

  Daniel told me that the Ciberpais section is refreshed on Fridays, so
tomorrow should be this articles online. The URL is

  Another thing I would like to ask is if someone has a photo gallery
that isn't on this web ( I
would like to have as many links as possible, so I would be pleased if I
receive news links. Thanks to all.

  Daniel Baeyens (Dexem) - <danibens terra es>

"Pero al final al segmento le ha acabado gustando..." -arkuin-

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