GUADEC 3 pre - Madrid is worth a tapa


	we wanna meet tomorrow in Madrid. Here're the 5 w's:

	What? This should be a small meeting for eating some tapas and having a
drink with all the gnomes who stay in Madrid on Tuesday night.

	Who? Any gnome who wants to

	When? Tuesday April 2nd, 20:30 (local time)

	Where? Madrid - Plaza Mayor (easy to find, everybody in Madrid knows
where it is). There's a monument in the center of the square: it's a
Spanish King (Felipe III or IV, don't remember now) upon a horse. You'll
find us there. There's an URL with a Madrid map at the bottom of the

	Why? Why not ;-)

	The passphrase will be: "El perro de Ramón Ramírez no tiene rabo porque
Ramón Ramírez se lo ha cortado". ;-)

	If you've lost yourself or you're going to arrive a little later, you
can contact us via Rodrigo's mobile phone: 650-21-45-32

		hope to see you there,


Madrid map:

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