Re: New GUADEC 2001 site

From: Jon Trowbridge <trow gnu org>

>On Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 09:48:44PM -0500, Ariel Rios wrote:
>> > If you're going to the conference as a 
>> > developer or translator then submit your data.
>> Am I supposed to know my expenses?
>Seem seems suboptimal to require that information from people
>up-front.  I think most people will want to register first and then 
>make their travel plans.

And we're trying to figuring out how much 
sponsoring we need. That's why we ask for 
this information here.

I have changed it so it now says "Expected 
travel expenses"
>When I tried filling in the form w/o the expenses or arrival
>dates/times, I got a slew of Postgres errors. :-(

You can skip the expenses (it is on null anyway) 
but you have to write your dates/times so we can 
see when you have planned to be at the conference.

Notice that it say expected dates/times - we do know that 
you all haven't arrange your trip yet.

I hope you will take the form again.

The most enjoyable greetings

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