Re: Comments on schedule

Owen Taylor wrote:
> * The scheduled start is too late. Yes, we'll have lots
>   of jet-lagged people there, but still, not starting the
>   real program until 11:00 is a waste of the very limited
>   time we'll have at this conference.
>   If you have opening remarks, coffee, and organizational
>   stuff at 9:00, everybody will be there and semi-awake
>   by 10:00.
>   If you do that, you might want to back up lunch a bit
>   to give time for two full-size tracks in the afternoon or
>   one long track plus keynote.
> * Three parallel tracks all the time is almost certainly
>   too many. There's nothing harder than getting a bunch
>   of hackers to split up. Even with only two tracks, people
>   will doubtless miss things they want to hear.
> * It might be good to have one or two real "keynotes" -
>   not by Miguel, necessarily, as much as we love Miguel,
>   but by people who are less familiar to the GNOME community.
>   Say, one of the Sun people talking about Sun's vision
>   for GNOME. Or an outside expert in useability, or...
> * As Havoc mentioned, I think having specific sessions
>   with a char for each session, who is responsible for
>   finding presenters and coordinating the session would
>   be a low-maintainence way of handling things and would
>   give plenty of time for discussion.
>   Some suggestions for topics:
>    Interoperability
>    Internationalization
>    Printing
>    Components
>    GNOME 2.0 libraries
>    Documentation
>    User Interface / Accessibility
>    ...
>   The session chair would then find 3-5 people to give short
>   presentations about sub-areas of the topic to go along with
>   open discussion.
>   I think it would good to plan for something like 8 sessions -
>   two parallel sessions a day for Fri/Sat. Then have Sunday
>   scheduled for "user day" plus BOF sessions for developers to break
>   out and discuss things from the previous days in detail.

* The schedule is made that way because we had alot of the hackers from
last years GUADEC who told us that they wanted it to start later in the
day because no one would be awake early anyway. A workshop without
people wont work you know, and semi-awake people are not worth much 
to an discussion.

* We have 3 parrallel tracks because there is SOOO much to discuss, and
we want all the hackers to be very focused on their peticular
speciallity. I dont think that it is a good idea to change that. We need
the many workshops, and how should we be able to have them without 3
parrallel tracks......shorter workshops maybe?

* The Keynote speakers are not choosen yet. I fact we have discussed who
and what we want "Speaks" about and with! Maybe havoc about GF, Miguell
about Future of Gnome, and a Sun guy about gnome cons and pros. 

* Actually thats kinda the idea..... small(10-20 persons) workshops
where one person gives an 10-15 minutes speak on the topic, and then
theres a discussion about it (or whatever the topic gives of ideas).
Afterwards theres rooms for furter BOF discussions or maybe some code
hacking. I know that some od the I18N guys allready have made some
BOF/party/whatever plans for GUADEC2, and other groups could do that

Most of the suggested topics are already on our list (which you will se
in the schedule).

Kim Schulz - GUADEC2 commitee.

Mountain Dew and doughnuts...  because breakfast is the most important
of the day.

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