GUADEC Meeting Minutes (Feb 2, 2001)

             Minutes for the GUADEC Meeting For Feb 2, 2001

  Martin Wahlén
  Bart Decrem
  Dan Mueth
  Mathieu Lacage
  Kenneth Christiansen
  Havoc Pennington

  Claus Sorensen

  * Will meet next Friday at same time

Work Done:
(All action items from the last meeting are in progress and listed below.)

Work in Progress/To Be Done:
  ACTION: Mathieu to give us list of last years attendees
  ACTION: Mathieu to put together probably attendee list from various other
  ACTION: Claus to get details on sponsored bags: price, material, design, etc.
  ACTION: Bart to look for sponsor for computer room
  ACTION: Martin to obtain confirmation, talk titles, and brief summaries
          from each keynote speaker
  ACTION: Kenneth & Martin to propose a new draft of the tracks and talk
          schedule by Saturday (Don't forget to add GNOME 2.0 discussions 
          in there.)
  ACTION: Everybody to discuss and finalize the tracks and talk schedule
  ACTION: Bart and Dan to bring up talk and track schedule at Board meeting
  ACTION: Martin(?) to post final track and talk schedule on Gnotices
          next Friday (or sooner)
  ACTION: Martin, Kenneth, and Claus to decide whether to organize a party
  ACTION: Havoc to send email to advisory council

Agenda Items Left For Next Meeting:
Review plan for Advisory Committee Meeting.

  * This years budget is fairly similar to last year's
  * Last year's budget was $35,000
  * This year is roughly $42,000 so far
  * This year we have more miscellaneous expenses, such as food, gizmos, etc.
  * We will have some extra attendees needing funding and other
    additional expenses - plan on $50,000 for final budget

List of Attendees:
  * Isn't done yet
  * Mathieu will put together a list of probable attendees

  * Bart has been looking for a primary sponsor
  * We need to consider all the sponsorship opportunities:
      logos on posters, programs and web site, booths
  * We may have bags which can be sponsored
  * Claus should provide details on bags (cost, material, design, etc.)

  * No success so far in getting a computer room sponsored
  * Bart will help look for a sponsor
  * Communication with keynote speakers is in progress
  * We don't have definite confirmation, titles, or summaries yet
  * Martin will obtain confirmation, titles, and a brief summary
    for each keynote

Program (Talks and Tracks):
  * Martin and Kenneth should propose a final version early this weekend
  * This group should revise if necessary by Sunday night
  * Send to Board on Monday
  * See if Board has suggestions at Tuesday Board meeting
  * Announce final talks and tracks on Gnotices by Friday
  * Speed is important, as people need to decide very soon if they are
  * Should add GNOME 2.0 planning to agenda.  Should include a discussion
    of features, timeline, and coordination.

  * Need to decide whether to host a general GNOME party sponsored by
    multiple sources and organized by the GUADEC organizers
  * May be too much work to do in addition to GUADEC
  * GUADEC is more important than the party
  * If the GUADEC committee doesn't organize the party, someone else 
    probably will.
  * Martin, Kenneth, and Claus will decide whether to organize it

Advisory Council Meeting:
  * Havoc hasn't emailed advisory council yet
  * Havoc will do so soon

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