Re: [Gtranslator-devel] po file


It did that to me today, if you test the file with "msgfmt -cv
filename.po", it will report errors at line 962. This line starts with
garbage (added by gtranslator). If you remove it so that you only have
msgid "Build GLib / Gtk+ / GNOME / XML versions:"
things should work fine again.

Hope that helps,


PS: I can send you a fixed file if you don't manage to do it

Le lun 12/01/2004 à 19:46, Joao Paulo Gomes Vanzuita a écrit :
> hello, i'm using gtranslator to translate a PO file, but it crashes when saving file(byg already reported), the problem is, gtranslator doesn't open my PO file any more. i'm atching the file here to know if anybody can help me, because i work hard on it and i can't lose it.

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