[Gtranslator-devel] Re: gtranslator change (important)

On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 01:23:38PM +0100, Fatih Demir wrote:
> Thanks to a notification by Carlos I changed the middle dot detection
> method in gtranslator from using "" which is already reserved by gettext
> for it's header parts of the po files to "Y"; as this is a quite
> important point (it's also explained in the source comment over the
> source file runtime-config.c and with this also within the message
> comment but well, you never know if the translator reads the comments at
> all) so here we go:
>     If your locale doesn't support the display/usage of the middle dot
>     ('·') then you must translate the new message with the msgid "Y"
>     into something different then "Y"; into "Z" or something another.
>     This way you avoid gtranslator using middle dot and mixing your
>     locale's text display up. 
> PS: This change was committed to both stable and HEAD branches. 

What do you use middle dot for? You should not use middle
dot as a special character, it is a a letter-like symbol.

Kind regards

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