[Gtranslator-devel] gtk2 patch


Attached to this mail is a patch against cvs head to make the port to
gnome2 more stable. If you try it, you'll be able to see how beautiful
gtranslator will be when it's fully ported (and the port will probably
be faster if some people on this list give a hand :). 
Fatih told me to commit that to CVS, since it seems that even if
gtranslator is quite broken with that  patch, it was apparently more
broken before it.

Things which work :
	* loading some po files (some other crashes, I don't know why)
	* browsing the strings in the po file using the tree view
And that's probably all.
Please note that I wouldn't surprise if the current version corrupted po
files, so be careful...

There is still lots of work on that port, any help is welcome :)
I'll be away starting from Monday, so don't be surprised if you've got
problems with that patch and you don't get answers. You are on your own
to fix it...


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