[Gtranslator-devel] Ohoh, source action preparations..

.. somehow I think, I'll do some bigger source actions in these days.. Be prepared of crashes, problems etc.

I'll let you all know when the gtranslator CVS sources are "safe to use" again.. (when this will ever happen ,-)).

The changes which should/could/will/possibly won't be happening in these days are:
  1. Learn buffer should be stored in UTF-8. The conversion & the merging routines/sources shall be written by me (also a bug on b.g.o, don't remember the no now). Amen.
  2. Search/fix the http://bugzilla.gnome.org bug #60893 ; I shall possibly also look after #60350 . Possibly..
  3. New prefs dialog sources finalisation & integration. All of my local playings resulted in many crashs, but well, we need crashes .-) (This does also cause some small changes to the header edit dialog).
  4. A new option to inhibit loading of backend modules per default on startup.
  5. Another new option to avoid voodoo-like matching routines for the auto translation (it results regularly in very bad results, so this should be customisable); maybe also some more enhancements should go into these routines.
  6. Help from others..
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