Button depressing


I'm rewriting a Xlib graphical application in Gtk.  There's four
different states (run, hold, reset, shutdown)  that the application be
be in.  The state that the application is in is determined by another
application, but the user of the graphical application can request a
different "state".

Here's a picture of what the buttons for changing the state look like.
http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/9717/buttons2mv.png  The application
is in "reset" mode currently.  Notice how the reset button is

I'm struggling how to reproduce that look in Gtk.    I initially tried
toggle and radio buttons, but I couldn't figure out how to tell a
button to be active / toggled without generating a "toggled" event,
which would tell the application to send a request to change the

Any ideas?  I'm guessing I have two solutions.  One is to figure out
how to get a normal button to look "depressed" like it does in the
picture.  The other solution is to figure out how to be able to tell a
toggle button to be toggled without that button emitting a toggled
event (which would tell the application to change state, when the user
hasn't requested a state change).


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