Re: Expander's activate signal

Hi Marko,

i guess you can use something like:

the_expander .property_expanded() .signal_changed() .connect(
   		sigc::mem_fun(*this, &your_class::your_function) );



On Thu, 2006-01-26 at 23:21 +0100, Marko Anastasov wrote:
> Hello, today I noticed that Expander seems to lack a SignalProxy
> for signal_activate. I got this error message as I tried to compile
> usual signal connecting code:
> error: ʽclass Gtk::Expanderʼ has no member named ʽsignal_activateʼ.
> I'm using Fedora 4 with version 2.6.2 but I also checked the header
> in the latest (2.8.2) source package from the GNOME ftp site, and it's
> not there either. 
> It's my first project with gtkmm so it's possible that I missed
> something. Or it is yet to be added...?
> Marko Anastasov
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