Re: TreeView

>> > 	I wonder why CList was not re-implemented for Gtkmm2 as a wrapper for
>> > TreeView. Or maybe there is another component doing this which I don't
>> > know about.
>> You might try that.
> 	I did ! But if every single user has its own implementation of CList
> and ListBox (whatever its name was in Gtkmm1.2) ... isn't this
> suggesting that CList and ListBox should be included in the toolkit ?

If you submit a patch then it could be discussed, perfected, and included
in the toolkit.

> 	Actually, I have a little help code implementing general useful
> functions such as, for example, these ones:
> 	void askYesNo(const string &);
> 	string askForInfo(const string &);
> 	void showMessage(const string &);
> 	void showErrorMEssage(const string &);
> 	Probably everybody using Gtkmm 2.x has a similar implementation of
> so-useful-and-general functions ... then, why don't include them in
> gtkmm ? It would save a lot of (initial) work, and it would be nice for
> newbies.

Again, patches are welcome.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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