Re: catching a mouse scroll event on a Gtk::DrawingArea

Well I thought I was but it looks like I was adding it to the wrong widget :)

Jonathon Jongsma wrote:
Have you added the necessary events? (i.e. Gtk::Widget::add_events())


On 2/18/06, Rob Benton <rob benton conwaycorp net> wrote:

Can this be done?  I tried with the signal_scroll_event() signal but I'm
not getting into the handler:


bool MyWindow::on_drawarea_scroll(GdkEventScroll * e)
  if (e->direction == GDK_SCROLL_UP)
    // up code
  else if (e->direction == GDK_SCROLL_DOWN)
    // down code
  g_print("%d\n", e->direction);

  return true;
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