Re: compile simple example of gtkmozembedmm by myself

>>>>> "Tobias" == Tobias Eberle <tobias eberle gmx de> writes:

Tobias> Hello Max,
Hello Tobias,

thank you for replay and bug reports.

>> gtkmozembed_libdir=`pkg-config --variable=libdir
>> mozilla-gtkmozembed` GTKMOZEMBED_RPATH="-Wl,-rpath
>> $gtkmozembed_libdir" But it seems a problem not with
>> GTKMOZEMBED_RPATH, but some where in include paths. Try to locate
>> webcontrol.h in /usr/local/include<...>

Tobias> 0) I downloaded cvs version and installed it. The following
Tobias> attempts are done with this cvs version.

Tobias> 1) If I do:

Tobias> tobias darkblue:~/src/gtkmozembedmm/examples/simple$
Tobias> gtkmozembed_libdir=`pkg-config --variable=libdir
Tobias> mozilla-gtkmozembed`
Tobias> tobias darkblue:~/src/gtkmozembedmm/examples/simple$
Tobias> GTKMOZEMBED_RPATH="-Wl,-rpath $gtkmozembed_libdir"
Tobias> tobias darkblue:~/src/gtkmozembedmm/examples/simple$ g++
Tobias> `pkg-config gtkmm-2.4 gtkmozembedmm --cflags --libs`
Tobias> -o simple

Tobias> complains about $(GTKMOZEMBED_RPATH): No such file or
Tobias> directory So how to set this variable correctly?

GTKMOZEMBED_RPATH should be `-Wl,-rpath /usr/lib/mozilla'
it should be during configuration. And if gtkmozembedmm.pc
contains $(GTKMOZEMBED_RPATH) this is a bug in

Tobias> 2) Compiling with g++ `pkg-config gtkmm-2.4
Tobias> gtkmozembedmm --cflags` `pkg-config gtkmm-2.4 --libs`
Tobias> -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/lib/mozilla -lgtkmozembedmm
Tobias> -lglibmm-2.4 -lgtkembedmoz -lgobject-2.0 -lsigc-2.0 -lglib-2.0
Tobias> -lxpcom -lplds4 -lplc4 -lnspr4 -ldl -lc -lpthread
Tobias> -I/usr/local/include/gtkmozembedmm -I/usr/include/mozilla/dom
Tobias> -Wl,-rpath /usr/lib/mozilla -o simple

Tobias> works fine.

Tobias> 2a) pkg-config gtkmozembedmm --cflags does not show
Tobias> "-I/usr/local/include/gtkmozembedmm" and
Tobias> "-I/usr/include/mozilla/dom"

Tobias> 2b) pkg-config gtkmozembedmm --libs refers to
Tobias> -lgtkmozembedmm-0.1 but there is no gtkmozembedmm-0.1 library
Tobias> but instead a gtkmozembedmm one.

Tobias> Are this bugs or do I something wrong?

These are bugs. On monday I'll be able to install gtkmm on my system and
fix these bugs. 

Max Vasin.

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