Missing files in Offline documentation tarball


I'm about to go on a vacation and I'll be bringing my laptop with me on
the plane to do some work.  I grabbed the gtkmm "Offline documentation"
tarball available at:


It appears to be missing some files in it.  It has the index.html under
doc/ which looks exactly like the page at:


However it is missing the following items.  
Under API Reference:
- All under glibmm (as used by gtkmm) heading
- All under glibmm (others) heading

The links in the offline documentation html file exist (And point to
file:///'s but the files are just not there.

In addition, when trying to download that tarball, it goes rediculously
slow for about 2 minutes or so and only gets 28,672 bytes, gets a
connection closed message, then reconnects and it goes at normal speed.
This has happened on multiple occasions, weeks apart, from different
connections as well.  Something wrong with the server or its connection?


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