Re: Menu Implementation problem

Murray Cumming wrote:

On Wed, 2006-04-26 at 09:51 +0400, Andrew E. Makeev wrote:

Dear All,

I have a program, which has a menu implementation. It works fine except when I quit, I get several warnings and sometimes segmentation fault. It seems that the menu objects are not destroyed properly. Would you please let me know, what I am doing wrong here? Thanks.
Here is my menu implementation:

//Fill main menu bar
//File menu:
   Gtk::Menu::MenuList& menulist = fileMenu.items();
menulist.push_back( Gtk::Menu_Helpers::MenuElem("Load", trainingData_submenu) ); //Add submenu. menulist.push_back( Gtk::Menu_Helpers::MenuElem("Save Training Data", \
       sigc::mem_fun(*this, &InterfaceWindow::on_menu_saveTree) ) );
menulist.push_back( Gtk::Menu_Helpers::StockMenuElem(Gtk::Stock::QUIT, \
       sigc::mem_fun(*this, &InterfaceWindow::on_menu_quit) ) );
//Memory menu:
Gtk::Menu::MenuList& menulist = memoryMenu.items();
   menulist.push_back( Gtk::Menu_Helpers::MenuElem("Clear", \
       sigc::mem_fun(*this, &InterfaceWindow::on_menu_clear) ) );
//File|Load Submenu:
   Gtk::Menu::MenuList& menulist = trainingData_submenu.items();
menulist.push_back( Gtk::Menu_Helpers::MenuElem("Training Data", fileMenu_Load_submenu) ); /Add submenu. menulist.push_back( Gtk::Menu_Helpers::MenuElem("WM Network Weights",sigc::mem_fun(*this, InterfaceWindow::on_menu_load_WM_Network) ) );
//File|Load|Training Data Submenu:
   Gtk::Menu::MenuList& menulist = fileMenu_Load_submenu.items();
   menulist.push_back( Gtk::Menu_Helpers::MenuElem("All(default)", \
   sigc::mem_fun(*this, &InterfaceWindow::on_menu_loadDefault) ) );
   menulist.push_back( Gtk::Menu_Helpers::MenuElem("From file", \
   sigc::mem_fun(*this, &InterfaceWindow::on_menu_loadFromFile) ) );

I've noticed wrong memory management with menu bars (menu packed in some widget) in versions GTKMM-2.2, 2.4. So, when you are creating Gtk::MenuBar avoid to use Gtk::manage(). Menu will be deleted as child widget automatically when parent container destroyed regardless "manage" flag. In other case, it will be destroyed twice.

I recommend valgrind to debug memory management problems. And if you
think there's a problem in gtkmm itself, please provide a test case.

Test case for menu craches attached to bugzilla issue # 104194:

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