Children of a vBox


I' a newbie in c++ and gtkmm programmation,
so I'm having some understanding issues; as for example, I trying to get the
references of the children of one of my vBox...
So I'm using the get_children() method.
She is returning a Glib::ListHandle component.
But I don't know how to manage those king of Objects...
There is "something", I think it's called operator:
template<class U> operator std::list () const
But I don't know, if then how, I can get a list from that.
I first thought it is enabling the cast from ListHandle to std::List....

So I'm lost ;)

Can you give me a help of any kind, like how to use those objects or if you'd
know  a way to get the references of the children of  a vBox


Fabien Millerand

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