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On Wed, 2006-04-19 at 23:03 +0200, Arne Anka wrote:
> Hi,
> I've recently made a good portion of a gtkextramm-2 library (wrapping gtk+extra-2.1.1 from scratch)

You probably want to use the existing gtkextramm library, and update it
if necessary. I can give you access to the sourceforge project for
gtkextramm if you have a sourceforge user name.

However, this will not be very useful if there is no gtkextra-2 tarball

> which I can put up on some open source site if there's any interest - it only wraps the parts I was
> interested in, but it's a good start and it should be relatively painless to wrap the rest.
> Regards
> Jacek Sieka
> > On 4/18/06, Jonathon Jongsma < jonathon jongsma gmail com> wrote:
> >> It looks like the plotting is done with the goffice library.  However,
> >> it looks like this library includes considerably more than just the
> >> plotting / graphing functionality, so it may be a bit  more work than
> >> just wrapping a graphing library.  This also makes it less attractive
> >> for people who don't want to add all of the dependencies of
> >> gnome-office to their app dependencies.  Of course, I haven't looked
> >> at it extensively...
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