Documentation suggestion

Hi there,

I know writing documentation is never the fun part, so I'd first like to say that the current docs are very good and certainly helped me set up gtkmm on both Linux and Windows.

However, I noticed you welcome suggestions. :)

As I'm learning gtkmm I find the current docs, while good for learning about specific widgets, hard to understand when trying to thread everything together into a program. As a lot of people understand things better with a hands-on approach, I was wondering whether someone would consider writing a small ammendment detailing how to construct a simple fully functional program. For instance: creating a window, creating and positioning a few widgets, and writing the associated code.

When looking at other GUI kits, such docs include things like how to make a simple calculator, counter field with a button incrementor, or a simple text editor, basic IO stuff--nothing too major.

That's my viewpoint as a newbie, I hope you find it useful.

Kind regards,
Hal Lorenz

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