Re: Problems with widgets in header of TreeViewColumn

Hi list!

I solved the problem but I think the way GTK(mm) handles the situation is
neither intended nor user friendly. And there are still problems left.

I updated the demonstration program and annotated it with some comments. You
can find it here:

The issues are:

  - The header widgets are only useable if
    they are set after the treeview is shown.
  - If the columns are reorderable and after a column
    has been reordered, the widgets are unuseable again.

If I do not get answers to these issues I will submit them as bugs.


> I want to put a Gtk::CheckButton inside a Gtk::TreeViewColumn header
> using the Gtk::TreeViewColumn::set_widget() function. The CheckButton is
> visible and sensitive, but I cannot check it, because it is some kind of
> disabled or the TreeViewColumn takes over control. Other types of
> buttons do not work, too.
> I have prepared a small demostration here:
> I hope someone can help me with this.
> Thanks in advance,
> Simon Fuhrmann

Simon Fuhrmann <SimonFuhrmann at>

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