Re: error finding gtkmm-config...?

On Sun, 2005-10-23 at 10:41 -0700, pw wrote:
> Hello,
> I am compiling some software against the latest
> and greatest gtkmm. I built gtkmm-2.8.1 from source.
> gtkmm builds fine but does not produce gtkmm-config.
> The gtkmm-config script is used by the other software that
> I want to compile.

sounds like you have old (gtk--) code. modern gtkmm doesn't create
gtkmm-config like gtk-- did, it uses the more generic pkg-config system.
see "man pkg-config" for more details.

but meanwhile, gtkmm is not even remotely source-level compatible with
gtk-- apps, so its rather unlikely that an app whose build system looks
for gtkmm-config will be compilable against 2.8.1.


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