Re: Questions on Key-Press Event

--- Bob Caryl <bob fis-cal com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have several applications that use more than one
> window.  I 
> implemented context sensitive help by using the
> following in the 
> constructor for the main application window:
> // code snippet
> window class name::your callback slot>));
> ///////////////////////
> where "your window class name" is what it describes,
> as well as "your 
> callback slot."  In the callback slot connected to
> this signal, you can 
> intercept any keystroke you like, then return 1 so
> the regular keystroke 
> handlers will ignore the keystroke, or 0 to allow
> this event to be 
> passed along to them.

  Thanks, this works like a charm. I very much
appreciate it! 

  Also, thanks to all those who contributed to gtkmm -
I have extensive experience with MFC (and, to some
extent, QT), but have never experienced GUI code as
clean as when using gtkmm.

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