How to show new window?

I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to on google.

I have a program that uses a single window. Using glademm, gtkmm, etc, it generated the
following code for my Main function:

Gtk::Main m(&argc, &argv);

winOscilloscope *winOscilloscope = new class winOscilloscope();*winOscilloscope);
delete winOscilloscope;
return 0;

This works well, but now I want to add another window to the program. Specifically, I want to make
a configuration dialog that I can open and close, controlled by widgets in the original window. What
is the correct way to add this into a program that is built with glade? I don't see any easy way how
it's written here, seeing as the main function blocks on Thanks!

 - Jeff Simpson

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