Re: Bitmap outside a window

Martin Bailey wrote:

Sorry for asking such a basic question; I'm simply unable to unable to find my answer in the documentation and this is my first attempt at gtkmm.

I'd like draw a Bitmap outside a Window. That is, I would like to draw an irregular black shape (from a bitmap matrix) directly in the display, over any other programs. I don't want to draw inside a Window because I don't want my application to receive any events; just draw over other applications, or in a way hide some parts of them with a binary bitmap.

So as I understand, I must create a Bitmap in the same way that I create a Window, and then create a GC to draw inside my bitmap.
Is that right?
What C++ code do I need to get these elements created properly?

Suggest you look at K-3D CVS:

and check out the following:


It's ugly-but-workable.


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